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We (2 adults, 3 children) are going on safari in Selous Game Reserve for 3 nights in the middle of October. It’s our first time so wondered if anyone could answer a couple of basic questions…. in terms of clothing are shorts & T-Shirts appropriate during the day or do we need to cover up all day? Also, are walking sandals okay or do we need proper sturdy shoes? Finally, do we need to bring our own binoculars or do the guides have these to borrow if we need them?

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    I see you have posted this in the Selous forum- is your safari only in Selous?

    If so, Selous is pretty hot all year round and October is one of the warmer months, and I don’t think you will need a fleece even in the early mornings.

    Shorts and T shirts will be fine, just don’t forget the sunscreen. You might want to put on long trousers in the evenings for mossie protection.

    Sandals are fine for game drives but I prefer closed shoes for walks. Thorns and sharp twigs can make walking in sandals uncomfortable. But no need for hiking boots- trainers would be fine. If you do walks, you will also need to wear appropriate colours (no brights or white).

    However, depending on the ages of your children, walking may not be possible. I am not sure what the minimum age is in Selous, or what the camp’s policy will be (may be stricter than the park’s requirement). But I am sure there will be an age limit.

    I would also have your own binos, as many pairs as possible.

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