Covid 19 in Tanzania



I am  planning to move to Tanzania , but I am delayed now due to the corona-virus.

However, now it looks like its far less virus in Tanzania than neighbouring countries, ex Kenya; is that others impression as well ?
Anyone who knows what kind of treatment you would get, in case of a serious covid19 illness, and which hospitals that could eventually offer this for foreigners (tourists/expats) ?

I have normal health and are not in any particular risk in case of a corona-infection, however you can never know, so thats why I am conserned. Statistically speaking, if I have bad luck in case of an infection and get really sick, it would be necessary, but also sufficient, with oxygen and meds.

Any information on the matter would be helpful !

Chichi – Canada!


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    Generally speaking the risk of getting sick is extremely low, Scientifically speaking, we have no idea why, however, its still safe to go everywhere with sanitizer and wear a mask in crowded areas.

    Make you need to take all the required protection against tropical diseases. In crowded areas,infections other than covid 19 are a possibility . Travel safely and enjoy your stay in the beautiful and scenic Tanzania.

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