Daladala from ferry port to airport


On my last day of my trip in Tanzania I will be coming from Zanzibar, arriving to the ferry port.I have an accommodation 5 minutes from the airport for my last night.I will not be in a rush as my flight is not till the next morning, so I would rather save the taxi fare and just get a dala dala.

I read in an old forum, that there used to be one from near the ferry port straight to the airport, but I don’t know if it still exists?

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  1. Yes there are public buses called dala dala ( meant dollar dollar; which play along Nyerere road through JKN International airport. The fare for dala dala is less than TZS 1000/= By a taxi it may cost you up to TZS 30,000/= But there are pro and cons for either of your choice: taxi vs dala dala.

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