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I am going to Dar-es-salaam early neaxt year! would like to know how I can get to Ruaha National Park!


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  1. If you are going to Ruaha for game drive, make sure you have a tour operator to arrange everything for you! If you are arranging it with a lodge inside Ruaha National Park, then they can help you with all this, here I am going to give you a general idea.
    Safaris to Ruaha usually start from Dar es Salaam, and your point of entry for the country will be Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR). In most cases, your tour operator will pick you up from the airport and handle all further transportation.
    The drive to Ruaha from Dar es Salaam takes about 10 hours, and a lot of it is on a dusty, bumpy road. Many people traveling to Ruaha make a stopover at Mikumi NP. From Mikumi, the distance to Ruaha is about 320km/200mi, and the drive takes roughly five hours.
    The easier way to get to Ruaha is by chartered or scheduled flight from Dar es Salaam to the park’s airstrip. There are also flights connecting all parks of the southern circuit safari.
    In this case, flights will leave from the airstrip in Selous or Mikumi. Flights from Arusha town, the base for the northern safari circuit, are also available. Coastal Aviation also offers direct scheduled flights between Serengeti NP and Ruaha NP.

  2. Hello,

    Hope this is not too late for travel.
    Like it has been mentioned above, the drive from Dar Es Salaam to Ruaha is quite a long drive.
    The distance from Dar Es Salaam to Iringa is approximately 500Kms on a paved road. From Iring the drive is 120 Kilometres on a dirt road. This would mean you will spend the whole day driving to Ruaha. The best option is fly into Ruaha, have the drives in Ruaha and fly back to Dar Es Salaam or Zanzibar.

    Alternative is do a safari circuit if time and budget allows driving to Mikumi and to Ruaha and back via Selous or fly back to Dar Es Salaam.

    The fly in safaris are quite costly but you can get the costs lower by staying in cheaper camps or opt for a luxury safari in the higher end camps like the Kwihala, Jabali Ridge, Ruaha River or opt for the more budget Mabata Makali which is located outside the Ruaha National Park.

    We share a sample itinerary of Ruaha for your orientation and to give you an idea on what the Fly in Safari entails. https://www.featuresafrica.com/tours/04-days-ruaha-fly-in-safari-sourhern-tanzania-wildlife-safari/

    Hope this helps you plan for your travel.

    Travel Addict

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