Day trip to Lome from Accra



Is it possible to visit Lome from Accra for the day or perhaps overnight (travelling by road)? How long is the journey? Has anyone done the journey recently and have any tips? Are there any issues at the border?

Any advice much appreciated!

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  1. The answers are all yes!

    You can get from Accra to Lome by bus or also by private bus or car, depends on your budget. By bus about 5hrs by car about 3hrs, excluding border crossing +-1. From Lome Togo Cotonou is easier, take a local taco to the border and then talk to some cars that park there and they arrange trips across the border to Cotonou.

    This to is faster, about 2hrs and border crossing is also faster. Regarding the visa .. of you come into Lome you can get a visa at the border (most passports) and pay for it there and then …

    For Benin you have to get the visa beforehand, they are rather sticky about visas. Also very important … Remember the yellow fever vaccination card!!

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