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We are considering Mashatu as an extension of a trip with extended family to Vic Falls/Hwange.  How many days would you recommend as the ideal time there? 3, 4, or 5 night? We are looking at the tent camp, the new villa, the Kgota experience for lodging and horseback riding and photography activities if they are available. Usually, we like 3 nights per stay, but here, I wonder if that is enough?

Also, would 5 be too many? We are having to plan around when flights are available to get there so that makes things a bit more complicated.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. Hello!

    Mashatu will have enough activities to keep you and your family engaged and interested. In addition, the wildlife viewing is exceptionally strong as well as having a strong/deep bench of career guides w/ trackers in each vehicle.

    I believe you are flying Kruger Express from MQP so don’t worry about the border crossing comment at Pont Drift. LVA has their own immigration official who will stamp you in. Super quick. The weather over our summer (their winter) will be lovely in terms of weather so you can get by without AC (Mashatu Tent is the only lodge/camp in Mashatu without AC).

    During shoulder season, they have a pay 3, stay 4 special so people often stay at Mashatu for 4 nights. I’ve heard of some people doubling up and doing a pay 6, stay 8. Although this special doesn’t apply to the time of year in which you are looking to go, the point is, people stay 4 nights + frequently. I think 4 nights is just right and will give you ample time to repeat any activity which you may have really enjoyed.

    All the best!


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