Departing JRO on the same day after trek


I learned that most trek will finish around lunch time/early afternoon. On the last day, climbers do a few hours hike from Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate, then receive the summit certificate.

There’s a KLM flight departing at 9:05 in the evening (21:05). So there’s plenty of time to catch the flight right?

(I plan to add a day buffer between arrival at JRO and trek start, in case of delayed luggage etc. But I’m short on vacation time and plan to simply leave on the same day after finishing the trek.

Any negatives to this plan (aside from being extremely sore on the plane)?

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    We advise clients not to book any departing flights before 7 pm. But what you are doing is feasible. Some people leave the same day because they do not want to stay another full day in Moshi or Arusha as the next flight out for our US clients is usually the next evening. However you will probably miss out on some of the fun celebratory dinner if you were on a group climb.

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    We recommend staying the night after your climb so you can get a good meal, shower and get a good nights sleep. Many guiding companies include the price of the hotel in the climb price. Also, if you are doing a group climb, you will have to wait until the last person in your group is off the mountain before you head back to town.

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