Diani or Zanzibar in late September?


Hello everyone,

I am planning a 2 weeks safari in kenya and looking to end with 4 days on a beach. We are looking for a quiet beach that has good weather, a nice place right on the beach, not too many beach boys, good food, wifi, and hopefully a good television to watch to relax. This is all about relaxation….so we don’t want to have to get dressed up to eat at the restaurants (we can only bring 1 bag and not enough room to pack any extras).

We are stuck between zanzibar and diani beach–i want the turquoise blue water and white sand and a more quiet beach… does anyone have any suggestions? places they have loved in either diani or zanzibar (and if love one over the other—why??)

any help, suggestions would be so appreciated

Thank you in advance

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  1. Diani beach is a regular winner of ‘best beach in Africa’ polls. It is around 12 miles long and most of it is empty, this drone video should give you a feel.
    There are two main aspects to security here, the property’s security is important but equally important is the actual location. Isolation is not generally a good thing.
    If money is a consideration, you may wish to bear in mind that if you go to Zanzibar you will need additional visas at $100 per person and, if you haven’t already had it, the Yellow Fever vaccination, plus the international flight will be more expensive than an internal flight.

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