Do I need to invite my guide to dinner?


Do I need to invite my guide to dinner?

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  1. When your day’s game driving is done and you’re settled into your camp or lodge, a few drinks and a delicious meal are probably high on your list of things to do.
    You’ll doubtless have developed a bond with your guide during your travels, so you may wish to ask to invite them to join you for dinner. This is absolutely fine and your guide will be only too happy to join you
    However, please bear in mind that your guide probably won’t be able to afford the prices at your lodge. If you invite them to join you, please be prepared to pay for their meal.
    If you’d like some privacy, this is absolutely fine as well. Guides are provided with a local meal at each lodge, and while it won’t be quite as decadent as your own, it is filling and nutritious.

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