Do you need hiking boots for Table Mountain?


Do you need hiking boots for Table Mountain?

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  1. You don’t need Gore-tex boots, trekking poles or fancy hydration gadgets to hike up Table Mountain. The kit list below includes the bare essentials:

    • #1. Water (at least 1,5 liters)
    • #2. Something warm like a fleece or sweater
    • #3. Comfortable sport shoes (running shoes / sneakers are fine)
    • #4. A daypack
    • #5. Sunscreen and hat
    • #6. Snacks

    Please avoid wearing the following:

    • #1. Sandals
    • #2. Jeans or dresses / skirts
    • #3. Excessive or expensive jewellery

    Please Note:
    Depending on the route and weather, we might advise you to bring additional items like additional water, lunch, rain-jacket, etc. On scramble and climbing routes, we supply ropes and safety gear. We have spare hats, daypacks and waterproofs, so let us know if you need anything.

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