Do you need to Train for Kilimanjaro?


Do I need to Train for Kilimanjaro?

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  1. Training to climb Kilimanjaro is as much about your physical endurance as it is about your mental stamina.

    The former is important as you will be trekking between 5-10 miles a day for the duration of your climb (which can be up to 9 days if you have booked onto a long route). The ability to draw on physical reserves as your energy depletes is key.

    However, if you read about or speak to high altitude climbers they will all say that your mental stamina is just as important as your physical endurance. This is definitely true of Kilimanjaro, particularly on summit night!

    We truly believe most people – regardless of age or physical condition – can climb Kilimanjaro (within reason, of course!). All one needs to do is ensure their cardiovascular system is firing on all engines and that they have the mental strength to see the hike to the end.

    Over and above the importance of training to climb Kilimanjaro is the having the knowledge of how the body acclimatizes to altitude. Feel free to ask us any questions about training to climb Kilimanjaro in the comments below.

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