Engaruka Track from Karatu


In August we’ll be using Karatu as a base for a couple of days, self-driving. We want to get near Ol Doinyo Lengai (without entering the Ngorongoro Conservation Area), just to enjoy the view – not to climb.

Is the Engaruka road the best option? Is it practical as a day trip from Karatu? Are any fees/permits required to drive on the road?

Any advice appreciated!

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  1. Ol Donyo Lenga is not in the NCCA if you start at Manyara there is a road directly there…..The area is beautiful and worth a couple of days waterfall and the river, lake and mountain…not to mention the Masai village.
    It is a fantastic area beautiful landscape. If you can’t overnight then it will take a few hours each way. There is a camp ground there.
    The Engaruka road is the best way to get there.

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