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I am preparing for my Mt Meru trek in late Feb next year and have been told that it does not reach less than 15 degress celcius at night. Is this true? This seems very warm (I live in the UK) and I was under the assumption that it gets quite cold on the mountain, Can someone provide some guidance as to how cold it gets on the mountain and what equipment is required. I understand that we are staying in huts, so are not exposed to the elements compared to camping outside.

Any information would be great!

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  1. The first day is ok with climate. but the last evening/night/ and morning. I had a couple of layers on. It snoed theweek before we got up there and there was still ice on the rocks. 80% of the time i wore a beenie.. and coming down i put a hat on as soon as it was sunny enough.

    In winter on the side of Meru it does get to below freezing. I worked there and the grass crackled in the mornings.. And you also got the gorlla in the mist thing going.

    Wear layers.. have a beenie/hat ad gloves. gloves with grips are even better. gloves with no grips, well you can just put them in to your bag!

    And you have picked a beautiful mountain to climb 🙂

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  2. Note! Mt Meru does not need such a lot of things to prepare with, just importances


    1. * Sleeping bag – (-20 celcius )
    2. * Balaclava covering your ears.
    3. * Adjustable Climbing poles/sticks
    4. * Wind and Warm Mitten / Gloves (poly thermal)
    5. * Warm trousers, Warm Jacket
    6. * Wind/Rain Trousers and jacket with zippers
    7. * Plastic Bags (for trash/keep items dry)
    8. * Binocular
    9. * Day Pack
    10. * Head lamp / Flashlight + Batteries
    11. * Water container – 3-4 litre
    12. * Whistle and Pen knife
    13. * Camera / Films
    14. * Water Purification Tablets – approx. for 35lts pp
    15. * Sun Cream
    16. * Insect Repellant
    17. * Sun Glasses
    18. Clothing for both Safari and MT
    19. * Climbing hiking boots
    20. * Tennis Shoes – to begin climb/side walks
    21. * Socks – thin and thick pairs
    22. * Warm Sweater for cold nights
    23. * Inner slacks – long Johns & Top
    24. * Short sleeve T-Shirt with zippers
    25. * Pajamas (2) and hand towel
    26. * Shade Sun hat or cap
    27. * Bandanas/ Scarf


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