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Hi All,

I need your input about the cost of this itinerary below as well as the National Parks and accommodation! I  sent a few emails to tour operators and I have a few questions, and I am a bit disappointed by the results.

The suggested itineraries were very similar:

Day 0

Kilimanjaro Airport pick-up with an overnight stay (Arusha planet lodge was a common option)

  • Day 1 Drive from Arusha to Southern Serengeti (Katikati tented camp was a common option)
  • Date 2 Full day of game viewing in Southern Serengeti and stay at same property.
  • Day 3 Drive from Southern Serengeti to Northern Serengeti (Katikati mara tented camp is a common option)
  • Day 4 Full day of game viewing and stay at same property.
  • Day 5 Full day of game viewing and stay at same property.
  • Day 6 Drive from Northern Serengeti to Ngorongoro (Ngorongoro rhino lodge is a common option).
  • Day 7 Game Viewing at the volcano and drive to Arusha.

The itinerary described above hovered around $6000 for 2 adults, which is $500 per person per day. One of them offers the option to fly from Arusha to Northern Serengeti, but the cost of the safari jumps by $1000.

I do not want to sound rude, but I have heard from multiple sources that lodges are offering amazing deals to encourage bookings, but it doesn’t seem any of the TOs are passing those savings to customers.

Is there a way to take advantage of these deals lodges are offering?

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  1. If is August skip the itinerary for southern serengeti it can work for central Serengeti katikati And about rates/cost 500$per person it works if is include domestic flight
    August is best time and I still recommend Tarangire, ngorongoro, central Serengeti, Northern serengeti and fly out according of cost per person 500$.if is next year do more research about costs

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