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I am ending my safari in Arusha and planning to head to Zanzibar for few days for the beach/stone city. I have been researching the airlines that fly directly to Zanzibar so the reviews on Precision Air are worrying…I have also looked at Zan air (double the price of Precision) but there isn’t many reviews on it.

Any recommendation please? Or is it worthwhile to take a taxi from Arusha to Kilimanjaro first, then fly out to Zanzibar from there?


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    Precision is fine. Nobody will confuse the service with first class aboard say Emirates, but they’re generally reliable. I’ve flown with them many times and never had a serious problem. Delays of an hour or so can and do happen, but it’s rarely a whole lot worse than that.

    Definitely not worth taking a taxi all the way to JRO. That’s 1-1.5 hours and at least $50, for no benefit.

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