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 Planning a 3 day masai mara safari. The fly in safari is about $400 more, do think its worth the extra cost. There will be 3 of us myself and my 2 teen kids. I’ve heard the road is really bad. 2 of us aren’t great travelers, we are the first timers.

Any advise?

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  1. You will get to spend quite a bit more time in front of animals with the fly in route as your first and last day won’t be spent mainly on the road. If at all possible a fly in is a better experience for a short safari (3 days)
    But if you have option to have more days, and want to enjoy a safari more and you  are here on a first time. Consider doing it on road. So many attractive stop overs on the way. Yes the road is rough but you won’t feel a thing in a 4 by 4 land cruiser

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