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How much would a ball park figure be to hire a car and driver for an island tour plus a couple of hours in Stone Town

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  1. The full island has many tourist resorts, so it depends on your total day hours,
    Roughly, if we look at the island in terms of left side and right side, i see 7 resorts on the left from Nungwi-Fumba, and 14 resorts on the right from Matemwe to Kizimkazi, (excluding Mnemba),
    The shuttle at http://www.thezanzibus.com, has routes from StoneTown/Airport to either Kendwa/Nungi or Paje/Jambiani, and vice versa (it does not do Nungwi to Jambiani), it operates on fixed day time hours, it makes hotel pickups and stops, but no beach stops or lunch stops, you can make two bookings for return journey, book from A to B and again B to A, best to email them and get confirmation about your requirements,
    Other option is a private Taxi, On day one, if go to resorts on the right side of island, from north to south, Matemwe to Kizimkazi, and stay overnight in south or nearby,
    While touring the long side of island, Matemwe to Kizimkazi, long stops or walks or visiting tourist attractions will slow down the ride and loose day hours,
    And on day two in Taxi, go to left side of island from south to north, Fumba to Nungwi, and because its fewer resorts, you can even stop at Jozani Forest and Turtle Sanctuary on the way, both nearby one another, also fit in spice tour if you see any farm sings on the route,
    Other option is just pick few resorts and get back to Stone town or your Hotel same night in Taxi,
    Usually one way private Taxi from Airport/Ferry/Stone Town to your 1hr-2hr Hotel/Resort is Usd 50, but Airport Taxis charge more.
    From North to south, Nungwi to Fumba, the google maps estimates 1hr40, but in reality in daytime hours, it can take 3hr30 or more driving direct, so add your stoppages on top,

    From North to South, Matemwe to Michamvi, the google maps estimates 1hr30, and Michamvi to Kizimkazi it estimates 50mins, but in reality in day time hours, it can take 4hrs direct or more, so add your stoppages on top,

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