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We will be in Victoria Falls/Livingstone area for 3.5 days staying at Protea Livingstone because we are using points. Already have booked sunset river cruise, guided tour of Victoria Falls, and full day excursion to Chobe Natl Park. Would like to visit the Livingstone Museum and some local markets, Royal Livingstone for sundowner, and maybe return to the National Park on our own for a hike.

We like to walk but I’ve read varying viewpoints about walking around Livingstone, or in the Natl Park. Would appreciate any advice or suggestions on walking around as well as the best way to get between locations, i.e taxi, uber.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. It is safe to walk around town and the local markets on foot. There is no uber in the area. Cabs are marked by a purple stripe on the car. Any place you’re in, including the Protea, can call a cab for you if you need a ride to the falls area or anywhere around town. Know the price before you take the cab and ask if it’s round trip or a one way price. Many cabs will pick you up again at a certain time if you ask them.

    If you’re thinking of walking from the Protea Hotel to the falls area, 1. It’s a long walk and 2. It gets more dangerous as it gets dark. You’ll notice a lack of people walking along the main road from the falls once the sun goes down. There are elephants in Zambia and in the months when the river is low, more elephant herds cross from Zimbabwe.

    Sometimes you have elephant traffic jams. At night, hippos come out of the river to graze, puff adders and other snakes cross the roads and a few months ago we found a herd of buffalo. I would definitely stick with cabs and not your feet if you’re going back to your hotel from the falls area or the Royal Livingstone after sundowners.

    Taxis are generally reliable in Livingstone so I would suggest using one for any excursion that is more than a simple walk. Definitely use Taxis after dark.

    You should be aware that elephants frequent the outskirts of Livingstone day and night so you need to be aware of this when considering walking in less populated areas.

    You are not permitted to walk unguided in the National Park.

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