Getting Close to Animals on Safari?


Getting Close to Animals on Safari: How Close is Safe?

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  1. A Few Tips about Personality, Testosterone…

    Well, the first rule is: try not to disturb the wildlife. If your position is agitating the animal – withdraw (especially if it’s an elephant!). Secondly, all animals are different. Each elephant, for example, has its own personality. So…while it is possible to generalize, be alert in every situation.
    Generally, be wary of mothers (and other females in the family) wanting to be all motherly, and protect their young. Lone males (i.e. elephants) can often be full of testosterone and quite skittish. Lone animals that normally cruise in a herd (such as buffalo) are probably old or sick and should be given a wide berth.
    Don’t be fooled by guides who get their safari vehicles very close to animals. They know the herds, and even individuals in the area, and are used to interacting with them. They also will be attuned to early warning signs much better than the average safari-goer.

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