Getting to selous from Dar es salaam


I want to book a two way from Dar es salaam to selous by car, we are a group of 9. I have 2 questions,

  • 1. What agency do I contact to book the transfers?
  • 2. How much will it cost


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  1. I would suggest you just hire a private vehicle from Dar es salaam to selous (direct to your camp). Am sure if you contact two to three tour operators in Dar es salaam you will get a better deal. Try to contact Dove wildlife adventures , Kersley tours and antelope safaris.
    They are all based in Dar es salaam and am sure you can compare their prices. It wont cost you more than US$ 100 per person per one route. A private vehicle give you great time to enjoy the trip and it takes short time to get there compared to local buses with so many stops on the way.
    Alternatively you can also fly with coastal aviation from Dar es salaam to selous for about US$ 155 per person one way and arrange transfers with your lodge/camp.
    All the best and Karibu Tanzania!!!

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