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I’m wondering what the best way to get to Zanzibar from Dar is- I know there’s a “faster” ferry that is about 1.5 hours and $30 ish (US)…or there are flights (I’ve seen Zanair and Precision Air referenced) for only a little more…what’s the recommended method? And how can I reserve ahead of time? I’m having trouble finding a phone number or something on the airline websites to find out rates and then booking…wondering what other people prefer who are frequent Zanzibar visitors! Thanks very much…

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    I’ve done both…flown and taken the ferry. At the end, it works out to the same in terms of time. Money wise, ferry is the better way to go. It’s nicer especially if you go first thing on the morning (waters are calmer then). In terms of booking it ahead of time, we booked ours the day before and there was no trouble.

    With flights, we paid about $80 US one way (don’t remember exact fare)Turns out, in high season, the airlines tend to overbook and bump you if you are not checked in early enough. we fought and argued and they managed to get us two spots even though there were 3 of us.

    We had booked our flights 3 months ahead of time. You are also restricted in terms of luggage/weight. I think it’s 15-20 Kgs. Depending on where you are coming from and what your final destination is, that may not be enough.

    I suggest the ferry. It takes from the centre of Dar to the centre of Zanzibar for $30 – $35.

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