Gombe National Park flights from Dar to Kigoma


I and my father are going to Tanzania in Feb 2021. Am trying to find info on hostels. Are there hostels outside of Gombe Park or do we have to stay in Kigoma? Has anyone taken any flights to Kigoma lately? Hard to find an definitive info on Gombe and getting there are around, other than we have to go by boat. Does anyone have any really good contacts for Gombe?

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  1. It is easy to arrange tour to Gombe through a local tour company, they will book your hotel, tour and everything, this will reduce you a lot of stress! Air Tanzania have new flights and operate between Dar Es Salaam and Kigoma, and prices are good, visit their website: https://www.airtanzania.co.tz/
    Contact the Jane Goodall Institute by going to their web page and send them an email on their About Us – Contact page. The web site is http://www.janegoodall.org/ Or contact Jane’s children program Root and Shoots by going to that web page http://www.rootsandshoots.org and then go to the contact page and send them an email.


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