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We will be in Kigali at the end of march 2021 (3 people) and are looking for a day trip to see some gorillas in the wild, is it possible to do it in one day from Kigali? Any agencies to recommend?

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    It’s definitely possible, and when I was doing research for my trip I came across a lot of tour companies who do day-trips to see the gorillas from Kigali (we didn’t end up using a tour company for that part of our trip so I can’t recommend one, but we used Kawira Safaris for another part of our trip and they were fantastic; I’m not sure if they do one-day gorilla trekking, but you can always ask them).

    It will likely be a very early and very long day, though – you have to be at the Volcanoes National Park office at 7am, and about 2+ hours from Kigali, that likely means leaving Kigali around 4 or 4:30. But should definitely be doable.

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