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I and my GF are planning to climb Mount Meru!  Some how we think we can manage to carry our own thing to Meru, and so we do not need a porter, but a guide, is it possible to go only with the guide?


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    Mount Meru is not as easy as other people are thinking! I advice you not to carry anything apart from your backpack with your day supplies! For a comfortable and successful climb, please follow the advice of your tour operator!

    A ranger-guide is mandatory and can be arranged at Momella gate. Unlike on Kilimanjaro, guides on Meru are regular park rangers whose purpose is to assist (and protect) you in case you meet some of the park’s buffaloes or elephants, rather than to show you the way, although they do know the route. If there’s a shortage of rangers, which is often, you may end up in a larger group than you hoped for.

    Optional porters are also available at Momella gate. The charge is US$10 per porter per day and this is paid directly to them at the end of the trek.

    They come from one of the nearby villages and are not park employees, so you’ll also need to pay their park-entrance (Tsh1500 per day) and hut (Tsh2000 per night) fees at Momella gate before starting to trek. Porters will carry rucksacks weighing up to 20kg (excluding their own food and clothing).

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