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I’m planning to go to Zanzibar island With my wife. It is our first time in sub Saharan Africa (even if I understand Zanzibar is pretty different).We are used to travel independently and we have been to tropical areas like south east Asia.

I have two questions:

  • #1. What is the real threat of getting dengue ? CDC mentions an high risk while other agencies or forum do not highlight this risk in particular (beyond the usual list of tropical diseases)
  • #2. We are not the folks who stay a week in a resort.

We would like to rent a driver or a car and move around.

Is it safe or are there some areas not recommended?

Thanks folks

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  1. Dengue fever is a risk but I’ve not come across anyone who’s contracted it, despite being a frequent visitor to the island. Malaria is the greater risk and I know of several ex-pats who’ve been complacent and contracted it. Don’t be a fool and take precautions!

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