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I am planning a safari for our daughter’s 4th birthday. Below is the itinerary.


1. Fly to Victoria falls from London

2. A day exploring     Victoria falls.
3. Go to Tanzania
4. A day Serengeti National park
5. See and explore Mountain Kilimanjaro
6. Fly to Kenya
7. Masai Mara National   park
8. Fly back to London.


How much will it cost please? I am also looking for agency that will do the holiday package for us.


Thank you.

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  1. Hello!

    Happy birthday in advance to your daughter.  I do see two major problems with your plans to celebrate.

    #1 This is too much rushing around for a 4-year old to enjoy.  I really think she’d have a better time on safari in a few years.  There are lots of destinations that would be better suited for a 4 year old–even going to just one spot in Africa and looking at some of the animals from the safari vehicle, with plenty of time outside the vehicle to play and explore new surroundings.

    Also be aware that unless this is a private trip, a 4-year old is not usually allowed to participate in outings with other clients.  Finally, do consider the vaccinations and anti-malarial medications and how appropriate they are for a youngster.

    #2 This is too much rushing around for anyone.  Whatever the cost, the majority of it will be eaten up in flying around the continent.

    All the best!


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