How are the accommodation in Serengeti?


Thinking about Serengeti for this year Holiday, and would like to get more information How are the accommodation arrangements in Serengeti?

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  1. There are the following options when it comes to accommodation in Serengeti:
    Safari lodges – With exciting designs that blend into their surroundings and all the amenities of a luxury hotel, you can eat, drink and lounge by the pool as you observe game often not too far away.
    Tented camps – There are only a few luxury tented camps in the Serengeti, but they offer a unique safari experience. Don’t let the word ‘camping’ fool you though. Many of the tented camps offer great amenities and give you an unforgettable Serengeti experience.
    Explorer camps – Tented camps and lodges mean that you are in one place for the remainder of your trip (apart from the game drives). Explorer camps allow you to venture off those well-worn game tracks as you navigate the Serengeti on foot or in the comfort of a land cruiser as you follow the game.

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