How are the infrastructures in Swakopmund?


How are the infrastructures in Swakopmund?

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    One of the biggest complaints western travelers have about Africa is the inconsistent telecommunications connectivity — and Swakopmund is no exception. Many international mobile data plans don’t include Namibia as a “partner” country, so you’ll incur egregiously high data transfer rates if you try to check e-mail on your phone. There is a fairly robust 4G connection here though, so at least phone calls and text messages will likely go through.

    Internet connectivity is a problem at many establishments. While many of the guest houses and hotels have wireless service, the speed is so slow that’s impossible to do much more than check e-mail; doing something simple like online banking or browsing Facebook is painfully slow. Ironically, this also means that video rental stores are quite popular here, since streaming movies online is not a practical option.

    Beyond the internet, the infrastructure in Swakopmund is refreshingly modern. Power and water are always on and reliable, though most westerners will probably drink bottled water. Almost all of the downtown roads are nicely paved and much of the coffee is even freshly ground.

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