How can I prevent altitude sickness?


How can I prevent altitude sickness?

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  1. How can I prevent altitude sickness?

    1. Stay hydrated. Try to drink at least 4-6 liters per day.
    2. Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and other depressant drugs including barbiturates, tranquilizers, and sleeping pills.
    3. “Don’t go up until symptoms go down”. People acclimatize at different rates, so make sure that you properly acclimatized before going higher.
    4. Before your trip, maintain a good work/rest cycle, avoid excessive work hours, and last minute packing.
    5. Listen to your body. Do not over-do things the first day or two. Avoid heavy exercise.
    6. Take your time. Pace is a critical factor on all routes. “Pole pole” (go slowly) is the phrase of the day.
    7. Walk high sleep low: If you have enough energy, take an afternoon stroll further up the mountain before descending to sleep. (not if you have any symptoms of altitude sickness!)

    Six factors that affect the incidence and severity of altitude illness:

    1. Rate of ascent
    2. Altitude attained
    3. Length of exposure
    4. Level of exertion
    5. Hydration and diet
    6. Inherent physiological susceptibility

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