How cheap can I combine Serengeti and Ngorongoro?


How cheap can I combine Serengeti and Ngorongoro Safari?

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  1. A typical 3-day safari (cheapest option) would go something like this:

    • Day 1: Leave Arusha/Moshi early, drive to Serengeti, arriving in the afternoon. You would do a safari on the way in, then camp overnight in one of the public campsites in the Serengeti (at night the hyenas prowl looking for food, it’s very exciting).


    • Day 2: Wake up early, have breakfast. Go on safari all morning, heading back to the campsite for around lunch time where you will eat, pack up and then drive to the Ngorongoro Crater rim where you will camp overnight at Simba Campsite (often animals in the campsite – i’ve seen elephants, giraffes and zebra).


    • Day 3: Head down to the Ngorongoro Crater early in the morning, go on safari. You’ll head back to the campsite for lunchtime, then head back to Arusha.

    The public campsites have toilets, showers (sometimes warm), water taps and a building for cooking/eating and the odd plug point but that’s about it.

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  2. Budget Camping

    These are usually drive in, drive out, camping safaris and there are loads of companies to choose from.
    You arrange this type of safari via a company for a set fee and they will provide a driver/guide and a cook, vehicle, all food, camping equipment and drinking water. You’ll usually sleep in dome tents which you will help put up and take down.
    Pretty much all budget safaris are drive rather than fly-in safaris and they use a vehicle with pop up tops.

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