How Close will I get to animals?


I am looking to get some real good photos; How Close will I get to animals?

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  1. Some of happiest travellers are those that come without a camera, and simply spend their time enjoying what they see. However, most of Guests want a record of some of the fantastic sights they come across on safari.
    You will get fairly close to a lot of the wildlife, however it is, of course, impossible to guarantee just how close. A good 35 mm camera with a 75-300 zoom lens will help you get some great shots. Though it can get bright, you might want to be able to get some action shots and the higher speed film will be helpful.
    Some people also like to use 400 ASA for fast moving animals and evening shots. A flash will help for indoor or campfire shots in the evenings.
    A beanbag is much more convenient than a tripod for steadying shots from your safari vehicle – Most operators provide beanbags (Ask to be sure) to the serious photographers among you on request.
    All safari vehicles have pop-up photographic roof hatches, and all windows can be opened so you can get eye-level shots, too.
    Last but not least, make sure you are on private safari so that you can stop your vehicle whenever you want, for however long you want, taking photographs at leisure and without worrying about other passengers!

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