How crowded is the Lemosho route recently


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I’m currently planning a climb in late August/early September and I tend strongly towards Lemosho. Nevertheless, the route seems to be more and more crowded in the last couple of years so I thought about giving the Northern Circuit a try.

Has anyone here recently taken Lemosho and share some information on how crowded a) the camps were and b) the trek itself was?


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    Lemosho has become a busy route with many people looking for a less crowded route. Thanks to blogs, guidebooks and different companies pushing this route. It used to be that Lemosho was expensive route partly because of transportation costs to start gate were on a rough road and required large 4 wheel drive vehicles.

    As of recent the road to Lemosho gate has been significantly improved which has made transport to here very manageable even by smaller vans and decreased overall cost to the start gate hence more people using this route.

    You can opt to do the Northern route and avoid crowds, especially at Barranco camp (tent city).

    You might also have luck in September with crowds subsiding and going back home after the summer break.

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