How do I choose an African safari?


How do I choose an African safari?

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  1. Whether you grew up watching Born Free, Out of Africa or singing along to the Lion King, it’s hard not to be captivated by Africa and the big game that roams some of the earth’s last wildernesses.

    Safari has come a long way since colonial times; the days of the ‘white hunters’ accompanied by dozens of porters, when killing was prized over conservation.

    Today, there are more ways to go on safari than ever before, and as the continent opens up to tourism, with better infrastructure, qualified tour guides and a wide range of accommodation, there are more destinations to choose from as well, with Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia being added to the list of more traditional safari hotspots.

    Tracking down the right safari may seem as tough as spotting a leopard in the bush, but our guide to how to choose a safari (Email us at: ) pushes back the branches and focuses your lens on the right African holiday for you.


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