How do I get to the Serengeti?


How do I get to the Serengeti?

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  1. There are a number of carriers that offer international flights to Tanzania. Once you touch down in Tanzania, you have two options to get to the Serengeti:

    • #1. Fly in – There are a few airstrips in SNP for light aircraft. Once you touch down at Arusha or Dar es Salaam, you can get a transfer to SNP in a ‘bush plane’. It is recommended to keep your luggage to a minimum, 10 – 15 kg (25 – 30 pounds), and in soft suitcases, rather than hard sided ones.


    • #2. Drive in – Transfers to SNP can also be done in a game vehicle or via one of the many shuttle services on offer. This is a cheaper option (depending on the number of passengers in the vehicle) and you may see some game along the way.

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