How do I travel to Zanzibar?


I am planning to go to Zanzibar for Holidays, How do I travel to Zanzibar?

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  1. Kenya Airways ( have flights every day of the week from Heathrow, overnight on the way out to Nairobi (8.5 hours) then connecting on to Zanzibar (1.5 hours). Return flight times depend on the day of the week; some days it is a daytime flight with a short transit in Nairobi. There is also an afternoon flight from Zanzibar with quite a long transit in Nairobi connecting with an overnight flight to Heathrow.
    Ethiopian Airlines ( also flies direct into Zanzibar via Addis Ababa. Please check their website for further information on flight schedules to Zanzibar.

    British Airways ( has direct flights from Heathrow to Dar es Salaam overnight (just under 10 hours), three times each week (Monday, Thursday & Saturday). The return flight is a day flight (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday). We can book internal flights DAR – ZNZ – DAR (20 minutes each way) and internal flights are specially scheduled for the incoming/outgoing BA flights.
    Emirates ( fly to Dar es Salaam via Dubai but involves quite a lot of flying time. We recommend flying to Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam as it is much more convenient than using the ferry.

    There are no charter flights from the UK so getting there and back is relatively expensive, hence holidays to Zanzibar tend to be more expensive than locations like Goa, India or Sri Lanka which are served by chartered flights. There are some charter flights from Continental countries, especially Italy and Germany.
    1 Time airlines ( also operates from Johannesburg, South Africa to Zanzibar direct; as well as Air Tanzania and South African Airways.

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