How do you get from Nairobi to Mount Kenya?


How do you get from Nairobi to Mount Kenya?

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  1. Getting there – Main road access to Mount Kenya is via Nanyuki or Naro Moru, both easily accessed from Nairobi by bus/matatu or private transport. Some trekkers and climbers access the mountain from Chogoria. There is an airstrip in Nanyuki with both scheduled and charter flights available.

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  2. Mount Kenya is situated around 200 km Northeast of Nairobi. You’ll need to fly into Nairobi’s international airport, Jomo Kenyatta. From the airport, the start point of the hike can be easily reached easily via the highway in a bus or private transport. It’s a very accessible mountain but it’s important to tackle it with an experienced guide so that you approach the climb correctly.

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