How dust is game drive in Tanzania?


We have a number of equipment for our Tanzania Safari, we would like to know How dust is game drive in Tanzania?

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  1. Even in the green season, dusty conditions can be aggravating while out on game drives. The Serengeti Plains are especially prone to dusty conditions due to the shallow soil base and lack of long grass roots. During the dry season, dusty conditions are significantly worse.
    Please be prepared for dusty conditions and inform your tour operator in advance if you’re especially sensitive to dust and they will adjust your itinerary accordingly to help minimize any negative impacts. if you are sensitive to dust you are advised to bring bandanas.
    Photography and video equipment may be especially prone to dusty conditions. It is a good idea to bring a bag that can be easily opened and completely sealed so you may store your equipment when not immediately needed. Bring a couple photo soft cloths to wipe dust from the lenses.
    Contact lens wearers may be especially sensitive. Please plan accordingly and bring an ample supply of lens lubricant.

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