How exactly should I dress on safari?


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  1. You just need to be prepared and your tour operator will give you details in relation to when when you travel. When packing, it’s best to be ready for a variety of conditions including extreme ranges of temperature, humid climates, and bright sunlight.

    Pack layers, including a fleece or light jacket. Remember that natural colors (beige, green, brown) are always in fashion on safari—they help you blend into the natural surroundings so you avoid standing out to animals. We’d also recommend steering clear of black and dark blue, which attract pesky bugs like tsetse flies.

    Our “essential” recommendation: a lightweight cotton or linen wrap or scarf. A scarf does it all: it keeps you warm if the temperature is cool, protects you from the sun when it’s bright, serves as a pillow when you need a rest, and, if it’s hot, can be dampened and wrapped around the back of your neck. What a great way to maximize your luggage weight and space!


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