How is Isumo Waterfall Rwanda Hike?


How is Isumo Waterfall Rwanda Hike?

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  1. You may enjoy the fall from two main vantage points depending upon how wet you want to get. The first is at the end of a short spur, which leads to a picnic bench overlooking the fall at 50 meters distance. Small trees partially obscure the view. The fall itself can be reached by de-scending to the wild river below and then clambering over wet rocks to a large boulder in the middle of the amphitheatre. From here, you’ll be thrillingly close to the bottom of the fall, where it thunders down, full blast, nearly at your feet. Watch your footing on the wet surface as yougaze upward.
    The water in the fall and the river rushing toward Lake Kivu has a tea-colored tint due to the tannin content in the waters of the marsh. While you’re there, don’t forget to look down too. You may be startled by dark brown crabs scuttling around the dark wet rocks, look-ing like they have lost their way from the sea. Mist keeps the bench permanently wet but you will want to stay here for a while to enjoy the awesome beauty and power of this one very special place in the heart of Africa.

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