How is the weather at Meru National Park?


How is the weather at Meru National Park?

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  1. Meru has a hot, arid climate. Temperatures are fairly uniform through the year. Daytime temperatures are around 32°C/90°F, and at night temperatures fall to about 17°C/63°F. The Wet season from November to May is characterized by two periods of rain: the ‘short rains’ peak in November, and the ‘long rains’ peak in April.

  2. Dry season July to October

    It is hot, sunny and dry. It seldom rains and humidity is very low. The temperature peaks in October but the first rains break the heat and bring relief.

    • June, July, August & September – It is mostly sunny and there is no rain at all. Afternoons are hot with temperatures reaching 31°C/88°F, but evenings and early mornings are cooler with temperatures of around 16°C/61°F.
    • October – Temperatures increase and it gets extremely hot before the rain breaks the heat. Average afternoon temperatures are about 33°C/91°F, but it peaks a lot higher. When the rain finally comes, it is a huge relief after the long Dry season.

    Wet season November to May

    The wet season is divided into three parts: the ‘short rains’ from November to December; the ‘long rains’ from March to May; and a dry period in between. Aside from April and November, rain figures aren’t very high.

    • November & December – The rain might start in October or November. November is usually the peak of the short rains. Temperatures tend to build up before the rain and drop immediately after. Average afternoon temperatures reach up to 32°C/90°F.
    • January & February – This is a dry spell in the wet season. These are the hottest months with an average temperature of 34°C/93°F.
    • March, April & May – These months see the long rains. April is by far the wettest month and roads can become impassable. The rain dwindles in May, but roads might be bad until late May. Afternoon temperatures are around 33°C/91°F.

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