How is the weather in South Africa?


How is the weather in South Africa?

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  1. East and Southern Africa enjoy glorious climates and both can accurately be called year-round destinations.
    In Kenya and Tanzania, a blissful 70 degrees Fahrenheit greets the day and rarely does the temperature vary throughout the year. The elevated altitudes keep temperatures comfortable, even calling for sweaters and jackets every evening and morning.
    Temperature variance is determined more by region than by season: upcountry areas such as Mount Kenya and the Aberdares at 7,000 feet can be cool, while the drier bush country is warmer and the sea level regions of Mombasa and Zanzibar quite tropical.
    Southern Africa experiences more noticeable changes in its seasons. April through November is winter—when daytime temperatures are a fresh 60-75 degrees with little rain.
    During the height of Southern Africa’s summer (December through March), temperatures are warmer and some rain may fall, making the bush lush and green. Every season, whether slightly warmer or cooler, offers thoroughly agreeable weather for all safari activities.
    Generally, you should count on early mornings and evenings on safari to be chillier than expected throughout Africa—especially if travelling during May, June, July and August when you’ll be quite happy to have packed a heavy fleece or lined jacket.

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