How long does it take to get to Tanzania on safari?


How long does it take to get to Tanzania on safari?

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  1. An ideal length for a Tanzania northern circuit safari is between 8 and 10 days (longer should you want to add a few days in Zanzibar) This length of safari will allow you to explore the key parks in the northern circuit without being too rushed – in our experience, rushing a safari trip inevitably leads to disappointment and we would suggest clients make every effort to allocate enough time for the trip.


    The southern circuit of Tanzania can be experienced in less time, primarily because most clients fly into a wildlife reserve and choose to only base themselves there (the distances between parks are great, so prepare for more than 8 to 10 days should you want to explore all of them)


    If you have two weeks or longer available, we would combine southern and a northern circuit Tanzania safari, or recommend adding in the safari destinations of Kenya, Rwanda or Uganda.

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