How many days are ideal for Serengeti?


How many days are ideal for Serengeti, I mean the perfect average number of days?

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  1. The ideal number of days that you should spend in the Serengeti will depend on a number of factors. One of the main factors will be your budget and how much money you intend to spend on this particular trip.
    With a large budget and the flexibility to do a number of activities in the Serengeti, you can spend for4-6 days there and engage in extra activities like going on a hot air balloon ride or extensive cultural tour with the Maasai.
    However,  considering that most travelers would have an average budget,  the most ideal number of days to spend in the Serengeti is 3 nights. This will give you a full two days of game drives and this would be sufficient to see most of the important attractions at the Serengeti.

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