How many days do you need in Serengeti?


How many days do you need in Serengeti?

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  1. The Serengeti is an amazing Safari destination. If you are planning to visit, one of the first questions you will ask is how many days you need in the Serengeti. I was wondering this myself so I did some research and here is what I found out.
    You need at least Four days in the Serengeti to sufficiently enjoy all that this park has to offer. Four days will give you eight game drives which will allow you to cover a large portion of the Park and view a large variety of wildlife.
    Going to the Serengeti for fewer than 3 days will reduce your chances of seeing some rare species like rhinos or leopards. In this article, I will break this down in more detail and things you want to take into consideration when choosing the number of days you need in the Serengeti National Park.

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