How much does a trip to the Serengeti cost?


How much does a trip to the Serengeti cost?  I am looking for:

  • #1. Lodge/Tented Camp Safari – Budget.
  • #2. We are a family of 4 adults.
  • #3. We have about 7 Days dedicated for Safari.
  • #4. We are flexible to add other National Parks.
  • #5. The dates are: July 2021!

Thank you for your help!


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  1. In general for the month of July; safari prices start at around $350 per person per night. But is good to be prepare of a safari of a price  least $400 per night for comfortable lodge/accomodation, inexpensive lodges. (As they can be lacking in soul.) But that safari cost can sky-rocket all the way up to $1500 per night for the most expensive camps in Tanzania.

  2. brightsafari

    The above poster is right, at least USD 350 per person per day. This includes park fees, accommodations in tented camps, concession fee, 4wd land cruiser jeep,  meals, drinking water, etc. It depends on your interest, there are standard budget tented camps which cost around USD 185 per person per night, park fee in the Serengeti is around 82$ from July, a small park cost USD 54 a day and a safari jeep expect to pay from USD 180 – 250 a day depending on the quality of the jeep and safari guide you need.

    If you need to budget you can have some nights on budget camping safaris and few nights in the lodge/tented camp stay. If you need to budget more you can sleep on the campsite while in the Serengeti only and in the rest of the parks you can overnight at a standard lodge in karatu town. here you escape the concession fees in the national parks and expensive tented camps and lodges inside the park. You will enjoy the same but sleeping outside the park.

    Karibu Tanzania,

    bright safaris team

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  3. Ifude Tours & Safaris Tanzania

    The safari cost will really depend on the interest you have and as well considering the budget you have, it can range from budget accommodation, mid range to luxury accommodation as one contributor said so for you to have a comfortable plan make arrangements for a budget ranging from 300 – 400 US$ for a normal (Midrange accommodation which will include all fees plus transportations on 4×4 safari vehicles in Tanzania

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