How much is mid-range tour to Serengeti?


How much is mid-range tour to Serengeti?

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  1. The mid-range safaris tend to be the broadest in terms of pricing.
    If camping isn’t your thing, then you can pretty much do the same as above (most companies offer various tiers of accommodation/pricing), but instead of camping, you stay in tented accommodation with proper beds or in a lodge. Facilities vary, some are quite basic and some are pretty lovely, with pools and other amenities. Some lodges are great for solo travellers.
    This type of safari usually starts at around $850 for a 2-night group safari (for about 6 people) but can go up to around $2500 if you want something more on the upper end of the scale or if you are a solo traveller or small group.
    Again, the bigger the group, the cheaper the safari is going to be.
    If you’re on a group tour, your safari company will usually suggest and sort out the accommodation, but if you have your own group or a private tour and there’s somewhere specific you want to stay you can always mention that to them and they’ll adjust accordingly.
    If you don’t want the long drive, you can also fly into the parks. If you book via a safari company, they will drive and meet you there or some lodges have their own safari vehicles so you can book directly with them.

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