How much money should I bring?


How much money should I bring when travelling to South Africa, Namibia or Botswana?

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  1. As further answer to the previous question, guests often want to know how much cash to bring. First, most of the African safaris camps take Master Card and Visa credit cards for purchases of curios and even accept them for guests to pay gratuities to the camp staff and guides.
    A note on gratuities at the African safari camps: Gratuities are not expected, but a reasonable tip would be US $10 per guest, per day for your driver/guide and perhaps $5 per day for the overall camp staff. Believe me that this amount will seem like nothing after you experience the fine service in the camps we offer! Again, these can be paid for with credit card so cash is unnecessary.

    If you are visiting Johannesburg, a highlight is one of the flea markets that offer beautiful African wood carvings, batiks and other VERY inexpensive but nice arts and crafts. For the flea markets, you will typically want some cash.
    These artisans are found in Victoria Falls as well and their artwork is typically of nice quality and they make excellent mementoes of your trip or as gifts for your friends and family. The shops and restaurants in Joburg and Cape Town as well as the hotels in Vic Falls all take credit cards.
    I asked one of a traveler from USA before the same Question and his answer was “When we travel for say three weeks to Africa and include two weeks on safari, we typically take around $300 in cash.  This is only our guideline for ourselves; however, we feel that traveling with more cash than this is unnecessary”

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