Cash to Carry during Safari in Tanzania


How much spending money should I take on my Tanzanian Safari? Is Visa accepted everywhere?

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    You will need very little spending money on most safaris as the majority of meals and activities are included in your package cost (Please read what is included and not included in your tour package to be on the safe side). Most people carry between $50 and $100 per person per day for all expenses. Bills may be settled by US cash, by travelers check, or by credit card (accepted at most lodges, camps, hotels).

    Credit cards may be used in large towns at restaurants and shops with MasterCard and Visa being most accepted. However, use may be restricted in small towns and country areas and non-existent in small retail shops. We recommend bringing US dollars cash. Change US$ at the airport or bank on your arrival into Tanzania. US$ cash is acceptable in most tourist areas and can be used for tips.

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