How safe is traveling to Botswana?


I and my family are in love with Botswana, we want to go over there for Safari, I would like to know one important thing about Botswana, How safe is traveling to Botswana?

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  1. Botswana is known to be one of the safest countries to visit in Africa. However, travelers should take the same precautions that they would in a major city in the US. Don’t wear expensive accessories or watches, and don’t carry large sums of cash.

    Take particular care with your passport. Pay attention to the advice of your tour leader and hotel reception and take common-sense precautions such as not going into unfamiliar areas alone, especially at night.

    Guides will monitor your safety in cities and in the game areas. From time to time generalized travel statements are issued concerning travel conditions in the area. For current Department of State announcements and Consular information please contact your embassy in Botswana!

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