How safe is Zanzibar


I am considering a honeymoon to Zanzibar in March 2021; 4 nights in Selous for Safari, then 10 nights on Zanzibar island. Not sure which part of Zanzibar we plan to stay yet.

I’m looking for opinions on how safe this trip will be? I know there are lots of posts online about safety here but they tend to be asked by people almost 10 years ago and things will be changing all the time. So advice from anyone with a more recent experience of visiting these places would be appreciated.

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  1. It is safe, go ahead with your plans. I go to Zanzibar every year with my family, we have stayed in different beaches. It is very safe, we enjoy going there when the kids are on school break. I have been to few beaches but my big interest is Paje beach, Kendwa rocks, Pwani mchangani and Nungwi beaches.


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